Redefining Real Estate Business in Nigeria.

CadLands is a top-tier registered real estate company on a mission to redefine real estate business in Nigeria.

We seek to correct the notion people have of real estate companies and land acquisition, which is why we have made our processes transparent and we are twice as meticulous while verifying land ownership. At the top of our value system, you will find integrity, transparency, and customer-oriented service.

At CadLands, one of our goals is to ensure even moderate-income earners own a piece of real estate at choice locations within the country. This is our way of triggering widespread development across the country while helping our clients tap into the rich prospects of real estate.

As a company focused on offering 100% value, we have hundreds of satisfied clients within the country and in the diaspora. Our digital footprints speak volumes of our drive and efforts to become the number one real estate company in Nigeria.


To provide genuine and affordable lands and houses for clients, eliminate the risks and difficulties involved in property acquisition, and maximize profit and value of properties for clients.


To be the best in real estate while making ownership of landed properties easy and accessible to all.

Meet the brains behind CadLands

CadLands is ably managed by a team of seasoned realtors and experts in the industry.

We believe we can help each of our numerous clients build an enviable real estate portfolio that could set them up for life. Every single step we take as a corporate brand is us investing in our client and partners’ future.

We believe the future of the nation lies in how well we can attract direct investments to unexplored areas within the country. That starts with inviting our people in the diaspora to own real estate for industrial, residential, and agricultural purposes, for the future. Thus, boosting the economy.

We believe CadLands is the future of real estate in Nigeria, and we are working tirelessly every day to make that happen.

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